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Handcrafted Food

American Regional Favorites Served with a Smile™

At McAlister’s Deli we believe that every part of this great country makes something delicious worth sharing. 

That’s why when you walk through our doors, you’ll be able to explore local favorites from New York to New Orleans to California to Savannah. We wanted to make it easy to experience the best of what’s out there – in here. 

Every regional favorite is handcrafted and made to order using fresh, high quality ingredients. Better yet, we promise that every generous portion will be served with a smile as big as the one it’ll leave on your face. All that’s left to do is come on in and take your taste buds for a spin around the country. 


The perfect mouthful, every mouthful. 

Though we’re famous for our 13 layered McAlister’s Club sandwich, we craft each one of our delicious sandwiches with the finest and freshest quality ingredients. And whether it’s Hot, Grilled, Classic or your own Deli Creation, we give you the widest, deepest selection of sandwiches than just about anyone in the country. 

After all, there’s no better sight than a smile on your happy, crumb strewn face. 


The only thing bigger than your spud will be your smile. 

We make sure of that by blending the most original and tasty flavors in one spud. And if you didn’t think that the words “amazingly delicious” could apply to just a potato, you’ve never come face to plate with one of our masterpieces. 


Not one flavor too many. Not one flavor too few. 

We’ve taken ordinary and made extraordinary with each one of our salad creations. With the freshest ingredients, we’ve made these healthy choices into mouthwatering favorites. Enjoyment comes from every last bite of perfectly blended ingredients. 

Choose Two

We understand that sometimes making a choice is a difficult thing to do. That’s why we don’t ask anyone to make choices – well, at least with our menu. With our Choose Two option, you can have your salad and slurp your soup too, no sacrificing one or the other required. Feel free to pair a sandwich with a spud, or any other combination your heart desires. 

The best choices are the ones in your hands. We leave it up to you.