BLT with Tomato Bisque
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  • there's more to us
    than just great food

    The story behind our restaurants, our food, and our people

    humble beginning,
    bright future

    Our story started in 1987, in the small southern town of Oxford, Mississippi. A movie was filmed in an old service station, which had been retrofitted into a 1950’s-style diner. After the production finished, it sat vacant until a dentist bought the property with a vision of turning the abandoned set into a small deli. In 1989, he opened the first McAlister's®, which was just a short distance from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) campus. Rooted in southern hospitality, we quickly became known for our large portions, wide variety of menu options, the quaint and friendly environment and delicious sweet tea.

    McAlister’s quickly grew into other nearby college markets and soon throughout the Southeast and beyond. Today, we serve over 400 neighborhoods. We serve enough tea every year to fill up 8 olympic swimming pools. Most importantly, we’re lucky to be a part of thousands of people’s lives. Plus, this is just the start of our story.

    feeding our communities

    We take delicious and iconic flavors and deliver them to you with our signature approach: handcrafted, fresh, high quality ingredients, in large portions and always made-to-order just for you and served with a heaping spoonful of “McAlister’s Genuine Hospitality.”

    our food philosophy
    Our Food Philosophy

    Find out what makes McAlister’s menu so unique.

    the best ingredients
    make the best meals

    Ryan Wahlens is a 4th generation potato farmer and a man with spuds in his heart.

    the perfect sip
    McAlisters Tea

    Everything you may want to know about our tea and where it comes from.

    serving our communities

    We go beyond customer service and provide great people service. Our goal is to be a place where friends and families can come together and enjoy great food in good company. Here are a few stories from our McAlister’s family.

    our focus on
    genuine hospitality
    Guest being served food at McAlisters

    To us, hospitality isn’t a word, it’s our way of life.

    getting to know
    our people
    Guest being served food at McAlister

    Get to know the people behind the counter, more than you already do.

    meet a fellow fan
    Fan close up

    Before Gabe Lenners was on air at Radio Disney, you could find him in one of our booths.

    connecting with our communities

    Our neighborhood restaurants offer more than a place to eat, they are community gathering places, each with their own story to tell. We are extremely grateful to our guests and our community. They are the reason we come to work every day. We also look for opportunities where we can give back to our community, both in our restaurant and outside it.

    where the
    neighborhood meets
    Two People Dinning at McAlisters

    We’re more than a good meal, we’re a good place to come together

    giving back

    How our restaurants help out in and around their areas.


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