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McAlister’s makes your diet delicious.

With so many different diets being touted, it’s good to know that whichever plan you decide to follow, McAlister’s choice makes it easy to savor. Select from more than 100 menu items, and remember, we want to make your meal exactly the way you want to enjoy it. So you can select your sides and your condiments, for example, to have a sandwich without mayonnaise, or a SpudMax™ without cheese, and our salad dressings always come on the side. Thanks to the quality and freshness of McAlister’s ingredients, you can add or subtract with confidence, knowing the result will always be totally flavorful and delicious. With our convenient take-home containers, you can even choose your portion size to enjoy your McAlister’s now – and later. Being choosey at McAlister’s can make your diet doubly delightful!