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Summer just got sweeter.

Summer is here and everything’s a little brighter. And nothing brightens up your day more than a scoop (or three) of our new Sweet Tea Ice Cream—created by McAlister’s Deli in partnership with Creamalicious.

For a limited time only, purchase a pint at a store near you!

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Our Ingredients

McAlister’s Famous Sweet Tea™ – Oh, yes we did. Just when you thought our iconic sweet tea couldn’t get any more iconic, we went and made an ice cream based on those famous flavors you know and love.

Lemon Swirls – Because no glass of sweet tea is complete without a squeeze of lemon.

Sugar Cookie – Personally, we think life is much better with cookies. Sugar cookies are infused in the ice cream batter to put the "sweet" in "sweet tea.”

The Ultimate Collab

Creamalicious, known for their southern-inspired ice cream flavors, is the perfect complement to McAlister’s values (and flavors!). Together, we strive to bring the comfort of a refreshing glass of McAlister’s famous tea to life in each and every bite. Why choose between sweet tea and ice cream when you can have both?