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Free Tea Day FAQs

Free Tea Day menu item/Where can I find this? – When you are ordering Tea on app and website, just select the Free Tea Day menu item to get your $0 Tea.

Which teas can I get for free? –  Included Beverages for Free Tea Day include any 32oz Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea, ½ Sweet & ½ Unsweet, ½ Lemonade & ½ Sweet, ½ Lemonade & ½ Unsweet, and Tropical Tea where available. You may also add one of our fruit purees to your tea for no charge on Free Tea Day only.

Where can I find the Free Tea Day tea on the menu? –  The Free Tea Day menu item will be available in the Beverage section.  Simply add a tea to your basket, hit the checkout button, and your tea will show as $0.

  • **Please note, Tropical Tea may or may not be available depending on supply.

What is the Tea order limit per check for app and web? – We’re offering up to 4 free 32oz teas per online and app order, including McAlister’s Delivery orders.

  • Our guests will not be able to order more than 4 32oz teas per order on 7/22.

Will other beverages (non-Tea products) be available for purchase? –  Yes. All other beverage items that are not included in the Free Tea Day menu item will still be charged. These products include – Tea Pass, Pure Cane Sugar Lemonade, Fountain Drinks, Kids Beverages, Gallons to Go, Coffee, and Bottled Water. 

Will Flavor Shots be charged on Free Tea Day? – We’re offering our delicious flavor shots for free on Free Tea Day! We hope you’re able to find a new flavor you love! 

Can Rewards Member Still Purchase a Tea Pass on 7/22? – As long as you’re a Rewards member, you can still purchase a Tea Pass for $6.99, even on Free Tea Day.  

Can Tea Pass Holders Use their Daily Tea Pass Reward? – Tea Pass holders will not be able to use their Daily Tea Pass Reward on Free Tea Day since Teas will already be free. To compensate, we will send you a Free Tea reward (in your app) that will be valid for 14 days.  

Will Free Tea Day be available on third-party delivery? – Unfortunately, the Free Tea Day promotion will not be available on third-party delivery channels such as UberEats, Doordash, Postmates, etc. This promotion will only be available through McAlister’s through the McAlister’s App, Website and First-Party Delivery. 

Where can I get a Free Tea Day T-Shirt? – We’re giving away hats, t-shirts, and other fun items today on social media. Post a picture of yourself with your tea and #TeaSelfie and tag us for a chance to win!

Can I just get a free gallon? – Unfortunately, we cannot provide a free gallon, but we are happy to give you up to 4 free teas with your online order.

Is Free Tea available in store? –  Absolutely! We want to give you options to celebrate Free Tea Day on July 22 however it’s most convenient for you.

Is Free Tea available through app and website? – Absolutely! You can order Free Tea through our McAlister’s Deli app or website on July 22nd. Simply add a tea from the Free Tea Day menu item to your basket, hit the checkout button and your tea will show as $0.

Do I have to be a McAlister’s Rewards Member to get Free Tea? –  Free Tea is available to anyone on 7/22 including non-rewards members. We would love for you to join our rewards program though to get access to other offers and discounts.