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    Our restaurants want to put smiles on the faces in our communities. That extends well beyond the front door. You’ll find our restaurants find ways, both big and small, to reach out to area schools, churches, non-profits and other organizations. It’s a part of our culture. We value generosity. Most restaurants have programs to help support their community. We’re especially proud of the managers and employees who go out of their way to get involved in different organizations, volunteering, running in charity 5ks or working at fundraisers. And when disaster strikes, our restaurant groups have been some of the first to donate food, drink and money to help the victims. If you’re interested in how your McAlister’s is helping the community, simply go in and ask. I’m sure they’d love for you to join them.

    When McAlister’s chose a charity to support, they wanted three things, to find a cause where they could make a difference, one that helped families in our communities and to find one that wanted to be a true partner. Autism Speaks met our criteria perfectly. Autism Speaks works to not only fund life-enhancing research, but McAlister’s donations go to improving the lives of children and adults on the spectrum. With hundreds of chapters, the money raised in the restaurants could also stay in the community. And best of all, Autism Speaks and McAlister’s could join together to create a promotion that educated the public about Autism. The result was our “Cookies for a Cause” campaign which raised money through cookie sales to the organization. In addition, by combining the power of both organization’s social media, we were able to build awareness for Autism Speaks even outside the restaurant.

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