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    The Saxton Group

    The Saxton Group understands the value of connections. It’s a lesson they‘ve learned over 30 years in the restaurant business, with over 100 different neighborhoods. They feel a strong connection to the business, coming from a family with generations of restaurant experience. As a family business, they feel a connection not only to their neighborhoods, but also to their employees and their guests. As Kelly Saxton, the founder of The Saxton Group says, “It’s a business where you are measuring impact--moment to moment, customer-to-customer. I thrived off the energy and still do today.”

    Over the decades, The Saxton Group continued to grow their business through great service, quality food and by expanding with new restaurants. Growing to 70+ restaurants across Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri and Kansas, they have been able to create a structure to support each restaurant so they could continue to provide great service to each area.

    Today, their restaurants still believe the key is a strong connection to the community. Each restaurant reaches out to the people in their communities. For instance, the group has been a huge supporter of Race for a Cure.

    featured owner:

    David Blackburn

    There’s a saying that behind every successful person there are a lot of people standing there. Well, behind every successful restaurant there are a lot of wonderful people that make it a terrific, welcoming place that everyone loves.

    For one of Southern Rock’s restaurants, their catering manager, Deb Launcher, has grown an unbelievable catering service. She works tirelessly to make sure every order is up to McAlister’s high standards. Her attention to detail and warm personality leave her guests smiling every time.

    So, the organization thought they should show her how much she meant to them. Deb loved her Jeep but it was in bad need of some repairs. So, Southern Rock decided to take their thanks a few steps further than normal. They conspired with Deb’s husband and a local body shop to pimp Deb’s jeep. They redid the entire car, both outside and inside to give Deb a huge surprise. Now she’s making her deliveries in Southern Rock style.

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