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    Radio Disney’s super DJ Gabe Lenners is also a McAlister's® super fan. He discovered McAlister's while at college in Norman, Oklahoma. His McAlister’s was a favorite place to catch up with friends, hang out, and fuel study sessions with some sweet tea. Game days were especially a part of the tradition. McAlister’s was a favorite stop to go talk Sooner football before tailgating and game time.

    In fact, now that he’s a DJ in Los Angeles, he’s more than a bit nostalgic about the staff in Norman. Going at least twice a week, he got to know everyone and they got to know him. “They knew a lot of the students and would always come by and ask how things were going and want to catch up,” he says.

    His favorite meal would be the club, potato salad and, of course, sweet tea. “the tea is always fresh,” he says, “i always asked how it was made, but they never gave me the answer.”

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