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BLT with Tomato Bisque
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    McAlister's "Genuine Hospitality"


    Hospitality is why you feel good when you walk into a restaurant. You can see it on everyone’s face. It’s in their heartfelt smiles. The welcoming look in their eyes when they see you. That’s what we mean by genuine hospitality. We are truly happy to see you.
    We want you to think of McAlister’s as a good friend, dependable and reliable. We’re here when you want to share a good story, a funny joke or need a pick-me-up. We’re as familiar and cozy as Mom’s apple pie. Here, nobody’s a stranger.

    We also believe in the power of hospitality. Our restaurants are always looking for ways to be better neighbors. We host kids’ nights. Schools hold their fundraisers in our dining room. We also love serving club sandwiches to a local book club. The more the merrier because from the moment someone drives into our parking lot, our restaurant is their restaurant.

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